Dear Reader,


It has become imperative that I go live with what’s pulsating so hugely within and now around me. With the sole idea of sharing this voice and connecting chords between us all.

I am baring my soul on these pages for ‘us’ to read ‘us’. To look and walk the meandering pathways of the ‘self’, the ‘inner being’, the process of what it means to live and the insights that come there off.

Most of what i share here is born out of the experiences, people, places, events and things i engage with on an every day basis. These small and big things shift me in ways i feel the need to document. I don’t know fully why i have this need. However i have learnt not to ask why and just carry on. Have found great meaning and pure unadultered life in doing so since about a year. Hence i continue to do so without expectation.

I have come to believe that we live in the most amazing times on this planet, given its gripping madness and opportunities, its highs and lows, the Information Era is doing something vital to the human essence, to that element we call ‘soul’. I dont understand ‘soul’ just as yet but i have encountered some amount of the nature of human essence. That which brings deep and wide meaning and life giving force to the self beyond ones wildest imaginations.

On a daily basis i am found serving my creative muse, my creative source in the form of writing, painting, clay or wool works, theater, teaching, dancing, poetry, reading, spending time with my community of children and other ‘deliberate’ thrivers that i have had the fortune of knowing and others who are striving to thrive against all odds, with children of all ages, with my inner voices, with nature and body and senses and from this engagement what comes up, i try to distill enough and share here.

I believe that the voice thats guiding me to do so is the one we all have and need to hear, hold, listen and be present to. By writing it i am only doing the job of articulating it on behalf of all of us. We need to hear ourselves.

Hence, if anything resonates with you on these pages, i will be glad and if not I am glad for that too.

The topics that emerge thus are wide in content from creative processes, poetry to pleasures/pains, from relationships to politics, playfulness to science, from the subtle to the transient, from the here and now to the world and beyond.

I invite you to hear this voice with an open curious mind and allow something, however uncomfortable to be present to, see what it does to the self as you know, share and comment if you feel called to or dismiss it altogether.

This is you talking to you and you listening to you,  I strongly hold myself as a medium, whose job it is to articulate and draw the outlines of that which is already existing!


Yours roaringly,


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