The girl and the river

13th Jan 2016

Calling off the bluff of humanity!

13th Jan 2016

Calling off the bluff of humanity!

Isn’t it time once again to wake up from the slumber now?!

Me, along with who knows how many others are bursting at our edges unable to embody the old reality. Maybe we have reached a critical mass consciousness already and it’s time to catapult one’s self out of this great fallacy yet again.

I feel inspired to enumerate a few parts of this new reality through a tale –2015-03-24-18-28-22

Once, in a place far, far away where no one lives, one day a little girl, finds herself standing by the edge of a river. With no memory of how she came to be standing there or of anything from her past or any idea of a concept called ‘memory’ she stands there feeling rather free and glad.

She looks around and finds the breeze and the sun and the sky of that moment rather pleasant. Naturally, she lets out a deep sigh and falls away into the land below her. She watches as her being begins to spread itself on the banks of that river and a part of that being dips into the cool flowing waters of the river. A tickle runs back up to her and gently nudges a smile out of her. In that moment her toes come alive and wriggle into the coarseness of the sand with an answer for the river. The river lets out a twinkle and murmurs a request. The girl nods and begins to take a step.

The steps that lead her are gentle as gentle and kind can be but on the 7th step she is pulled back with a jerk and she almost topples back into the sand. Looking behind she learns that an extra appendage is leading out from her waist, almost shaped like a leg, a third leg, well almost. For the river reflected just an ugly mound of flesh and bones incapable of responding to the girls mind like all her other four limbs did.

It was not hard to conclude that she was meant to drag this ‘thing’ along. But how was it going to serve her, wondered the river out loud, her waters now rushing to look for an answer and set the landscape back into harmony just as it was before she or the girl noticed the placenta like attachment to them.

She did not think she needed to know what the girl thought about her body and things attached to it and there were several reasons very true and real for the river to do so. Only for your contention i state here just a few –

*  the girl was not separate from the river even if you, i and the girl think so

*  the only observer that with a vocal point loud enough in this tale having the courage to       participate in this journey with the girl was the river

*  to understand, dwell and thrive on the complexity of the river’s natural ability and she         merely  exhibits that here and so on…

The girl reads the watery mind of the river and is only pleased to find a participant who shared her curiosity although all she had to say was, “river, o river, kindly wait till I walk a little further on and find out for myself the uses of this part of my body.”

Now remember there was no one out there with whom the girl could compare her body to nor did she have enough resources of memory to draw upon and hence her concluding that this ‘thing’ was as normal a part of her as all her other parts was natural.

(at this point you are welcome to replace the ‘thing’ attached to her body as anything you have in your life which you don’t want or you think its unnatural and unwanted part of your life.)

Just as soon as the young girl had made this declaration to the river, the placenta like thing with its long stringy length and all started to become light, and lifted up higher above the ground and finally began to float like a balloon behind the girl. This certainly made walking far easier and brought another pleasant smile on the girls face. She began to hop and skip and run the length of the river and the river in turn frolicked along with the girl and they both dissolved into that moment. One could not see, even with a microscope where did the girl end and where the river began. It was one whole big pink bubbles of bristling-ness for a long while …

But just as soon, the girl hit her tiny toes against a small rock and fell down. Ouch! cried the river and thud, down came the ballooning appendage as if a lump of heavy clay had landed from outer space.

Of course, it hurts, pronounced the girl looking at the green blue eyes of the river which came clear now from the waters that stood absolutely still with injury.

Maybe this lumpy clay will cool down the fiery burning sensation in my toes after all, said the girl and began to pull the lumpy thing towards her using the long arm of the ‘thing’ attached from her waist.

You have to touch it don’t you know, said the river finally. It somehow just does not seem to fit in with the rest of you. It seems foreign to me and i have studied enough birds and bees and animals to say this to you now.